Terms of Use

Copy our code, hack our homepage, whatever. We don't really care.

On one condition: don't get us into any trouble. So no launching viruses, or denial of service attacks or any of that crap, ok?

And no spitting.

No Spam

We do not want to receive uninvited solicitations by email (``Junk Email''). We are unwilling to receive Junk Email freely because it costs us time and money. If you send us any Junk Email other than on the terms of the offer set out in the following seven points, we will take this to mean that you plan to use what we offered you without paying for it. If you ever try to do this we reserve our right to take any action available to us without further reference to you. Actions available to us include taking proceedings against you for negligence or breach of contract, which may result in substantial damages being awarded against you by a court. The unauthorized use of computing facilities may even be a crime.

  1. We offer to receive all further email from you on the terms set out below. If you send us any solicitation by email without our express prior written consent this will be taken as your acceptance of this offer.
  2. For the purposes of points 3 and 4, you will be taken to have sent any email sent by any entity apparently associated with you for the purpose of sending email solicitations.
  3. You must pay us ten US dollars for each such item of email that you send us.
  4. You must mail payment by certified check to us within five working days of the transmission of the email. If you do not know where to send payment, you must state this in the email and give us an easy way to tell you.
  5. Each email item must be uniquely identified, and each payment must clearly identify the relevant item or items.
  6. You must tell me your name and full business and residential addresses in each email message.
  7. We may vary the terms of or terminate this offer at any time (even after you have accepted it). Any new terms will apply to all email you send after we post the variation.
(the foregoing was completely stolen from this woman (she actually had a little more). She deserves all the credit.

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