June-August 2003

August 3, 2003

A whopping seven new pictures today, to satisfy the hordes of Hadley addicts out there.

This is Hadley with the basket Denise made for her.

Hadley is very enthusiastic about her country.

Hadley and Mommy.

First solid food! Well, "solid" is not to be taken literally -- it's rice cereal.

Blowing bubbles.

At Pops and Luli's house in a baby-sized rocking chair.


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July 1, 2003

Six new pictures for your viewing pleasure today. More probably fairly soon after the July 4th weekend, so we will hold off on extensive commentary for these.

This is Hadley with her two Talbot-family cousins, Mills and Ellery.

This is her at Dinny and Pop's house on Cape Cod on June 11th.

Hadley is laughing now, and this is a picture of Jamie getting her to do it.

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