Magz creations

Ok, this is really silly and we know it. But there's this toy called Magz, and it's arguably the greatest office toy ever. See, it's these little steel balls and these plastic sticks with magnets at the ends, so they stick to the balls. Get it? You can build things by connecting the balls and sticks together.

Anyway, Jamie went a little overboard with these things and bought a few sets so that he could build cool stuff. This page is for putting up pictures of the better designs he comes up with. Just to be clear, this is not a vanity page for Jamie to show off how great he is. It's actually a resource for Jamie to be able to look back at earlier designs to see how he did something.

If you are oddly compelled to buy these things, you can do so here (this is best price we could come up with). Unlike Buy Stuff, we don't benefit in any way from you buying these things.

The room with the hanging chandelier.

Half of a bridge.

A star of David.

A table.

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