Hadley and Hayes

December - April, 2006

February 12, 2006

Happy 2006 from sunny, warm Brooklyn New York! That is what we would have written any other weekend this winter. Today we write to you from under a whole LOT of snow. (22.8 inches reported in Central Park. That's ¾ of Hayes!) We hope you've had a great New Year so far and are staying warm! And now onto the pictures (including pictures in the snow)!

Not much needs to be said about this! Hayes, 8 months.

Hayes and Daddy!

Hadley had tubes put in her ears in January. She was so brave! She loved these jammies and insisted upon taking them home.

Hayes has learned a new smile! It's hilarious. He scrunches his whole face up, usually at Hadley's prompting or when we take the camera out!

Hadley has started to play hide-and-seek! It's pretty fun. In case you are having a hard time finding her, she will often answer when you say "Where could Hadley be!?"

She also decided to bring a balloon along with her while playing hide-and-seek. It made it a little easier to find her!

Princess Hadley!

…and dancing with Prince Daddy.

Hadley put this little outfit together. Notice the dress up shoes! A special thanks to Pop and Dinny. They will get the bill from the orthopedic doctor should her ankles get broken.

2 weeks ago we went for a big walk to the Prospect Park Zoo! It was a great day. Hadley was a turtle.

Hayes in the stroller, his second home.

Hadley has become a huge fan of sleeping with ALL of her stuffed animals. See if you can find her!

Hayes is starting to move around, though right now it's by rolling back and forth.

Hayes and Hadley playing on the floor. A special thanks (?) to Katie for the Dora outfit.

A classic Hayes picture. Complete with a butternut-squash-face!

The first snowy day of the winter, and what a storm it was! Here are a couple of pictures of all of us playing outside.

Hayes 'enjoying' the snow himself. He was a little less excited about it than Hadley! The blowing snow was a bit tough to handle.

The building put Hadley to work shoveling!

Hadley learned how to make snow angels!

And finally, warming up with a cup of hot cocoa!

See you again when we dig out! (Probably around Springtime.)

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