Pictures from Kiawah

For the week after Memorial Day, 2004, your hosts here at met up with Pops, Luli, Aunt Lane, Uncle Thorne and cousins Mills and Ellery to go to Kiawah, South Carolina. Kiawah is a beautiful island just off the coast of South Carolina near Charleston.

This is a fairly typical view.

So is this. (I really like the light on this one.)

The island is loaded with marshes and freshwater streams. It is loaded with crabs, ibis (a big bird) and, coolest of all, alligators!

This was the first sign the alligators we saw. These tracks were right next to the driveway.

It wasn't long before we saw actual alligators. This is something you see all over the island. At first it looks like a floating log, but when you look closer, you see the eyes, nose and ribbed back.

Sometimes you get a good close look at one. This one swam by the dock at the house we were staying in.

But the trip was really not about the wildlife. It was about being together with the family.


These are our nieces (and Hadley's cousins) Ellery (left) and Mills (right). They had a great time.

You may have seen a picture similar to this one over on the Hadley page, but Hadley was very brave about going in the ocean. If you held her hands, she would quite happily walk right on into the surf.

These are the cousins on the beach together. They really had a great time playing.

Finally, Thorne and Jamie went fishing together. Thorne is a very experienced fisherman (he runs, the best saltwater flyfishing website around - check Google to see), but Jamie was a novice. Nevertheless, we both caught fish!


And the pictures to prove it!

Many, many thanks to Dad/Had/Pops and Mom/Louise/Lulie for organizing the trip!

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