The WTC memorial lights

Now that it's been over 6 months since September 11th, we decided to consolidate all the pages and information we had onto one page. If we find more information to add to this page, we'll add it here.

Children's Pictures

These are some pictures drawn by Molly's 1st grade class at Packer. We just thought we'd share them with those of you who care to take a look. Yes, it's a little corny, and yes, this has already been done, but since we have the digital pictures already, we thought we'd put them on the site.

Ground Zero

Like many New Yorkers, it often takes guests from out of town to get us to see things in our home town.

"Ground Zero" was no exception (at least for Jamie, Molly had been twice already).

So, when Molly's sister Erin, Erin's boyfriend Sean and their friend Lorenzo came to town, we all made the pilgrimage to the site. These are Jamie's pictures.

And now, a set of black and white pictures, including some from the special viewing platform erected at the southwest corner of the site.

Finally, two pictures taken with a disposable "double wide" camera. The image quality on these is not very good. Sorry.

Message Board

This is eerie. It's a message board from 9/11. It's not something any of us want to relive, but this is an excellent reminder of the confusion, chaos and mixed emotions of that morning.

Give 'til it hurts

Back home.

Because I am a lawyer, I will point out that all the above photos are copyright (c) 2001 by James Talbot. All rights reserved.